When to Cut Back on Web Habits…

It has been the topic of discussion in our home since we were invaded by a PC way back in the day when the kids were still small!


It started with a simple little thing called GW Basic which captivated my attention into the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out how that strange code could make a program work and then programing it into our computer and playing with color numbers to get it to work… I read and read and played and played and low and behold I created fun games which leads me to my second Web Habit…

Gaming on the PC!  Big habit wrapped in fun and laughter!  Hidden in there is time lost on things we could be doing that would have been beneficial had they happened… enough said!  I still like gaming though and it is fun when you can play with family and friends!  My favorite is LOTHO, Lord Of The Rings Online!

Then along came the big time eater!  Social Media!!!  Enter My Space followed by Facebook, Linked-In & Twitter to name a few… My Space could be so pretty and customized to fit the owners personality with music, photos, videos, etc…  Facebook sucks the living blood right out of you if you let it and you can learn so many things you wished you never did!  People air their dirty laundry on there and all their medical problems in the world not thinking about how it can come back and bite them in the proverbial derriere!  Now don’t get me wrong, it can bring awesome ways of keeping you in touch with loved ones and seeing pictures you might not have seen otherwise of your kid, grandkids and friends!  The thing here which I am just now learning is moderation folks!  You have heard the term:  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!  Or when courting a pretty girl an hour seems like a second but when you sit on a red hot cinder a second feels like an eternity… that is relativity!  Use your time wisely!

Then along came a marvelous new thing:  Pinterest!  Oh boy I can put all my favorite things, sayings, recipes, future travel vacation spots, etc… out there for the whole world to see!  I can dig through other peoples pins and repin those too!  I can pin to my hearts content and then hours later I have a section so full of pins I decide I better make new sub-boards so people won’t have to dig through a million pins to find what they are looking for! I do use my recipe boards a lot when cooking though, that is a good thing but you get the picture here I am sure!

That brings me to surfing the net… catching that tidal wave of interesting news, sports, travel blogs, world events, etc… and riding it around the globe on a mad dash for “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say!  You can ride the waves for days if you don’t care about making a living or having a real life!

Another fun one and one we use for a great purpose is Skype…  this is a glorified online phone that allows you to see each party live though a web camera as you talk!  Our little grandkids can see us and we see them all the time making it more personal! Best of all they know who you are when you can visit them halfway around the globe!  They actually run to you and yell Grandma and Grandpa instead of hiding behind Mommy scared half to death of those strangers in front of them!

Last but not least in my repertoire is one of my favorites, online forums!  There are a multitude of sites for every hobby or interest out there…  in my case I am following my hobby which is building scale models!  I have made friends all over the world who share similar interests and we share ideas and encourage one another to stretch ourselves in learning new techniques!  We also can share resources that might not be available to us any other way due to where we all live!  Here also this can take a ton of your time if you are not careful even though it is so much fun!

I am not saying you should get off these sites permanently but to use them in moderation… if your spouse or someone is in the room with you and wants to talk, turn it off for a later time, people are much more important and the web will always be there carrying on without you… trust me you won’t miss anything, Billy Bob and Sally Jane will put it all on Facebook for you to read and experience in your own time!  LOL!!

If you want to find me on any of these here are the addresses:

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jconowitch

Twitter http://twitter.com/joeconowitch

LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-conowitch/27/76a/26b

Modelworx Forum http://www.modelworx.proboards.com/

See you all online somewhere and if you want to share your ideas on the Web send me a comment!  Thanks for checking in, Joe


About Jconowitch

I have spent 37 + years in Stevens County enjoying the many surrounding recreational areas while camping, canoeing, hiking and backpacking. I am married to my high school sweetheart with 2 children, 5 awesome grand kids. I have been actively involved working with many organizations to help children and adults throughout the area, as well as starting the Stevens County Scale Model club with a good friend. If you want to live and raise your family in a fantastic area or find a peaceful area to retire, this is among the best, and I am here to help you make your dreams a reality!
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