Another Monday morning…

Sitting in the Computer Lab of the first incorporated town in the State of Washington… the tiny little town of Marcus on the Columbia River.,_Washington  The day started off with lots of snow during the night and spent an hour and a half snow-blowing it so we could maneuver up and down with both rigs… dropped my honey off at work for a short shift and then headed over here to download a big update on my favorite online game (LOTHRO) I love to play with my son who lives on the other side of our state and a few other friends! 

For such a small town this is a really nice lab with multiple computers and free internet access.  There is the lab supervisor sitting in the corner laughing quietly as she trolls around the net and answers the phone… she is rather noisy but nice… the mayor of the town poked her head in the door although she is supposed to be off today, she introduced herself and then went on her merry way… other then that there are a few ladies in the community center part of the building yacking away… not what you would expect in this small sleepy town…

Outside the snow is still falling and it is extremely pretty to look.  Going to head home in a while when I am done updating this pc and then later take my bride to see the new Hobbit movie in Colville!  Should be fun other then the drive!  LOL!  So that will pretty well eat up another Monday!  Hope your day is going well and take care until we chat next time, Joe


About Jconowitch

I have spent 36 + years in Stevens County enjoying the many surrounding recreational areas while camping, canoeing, hiking and backpacking. I am married to my high school sweetheart with 2 children, 5 awesome grand kids. I have been actively involved working with many organizations to help children and adults throughout the area, as well as starting the Stevens County Scale Model club with a good friend. If you want to live and raise your family in a fantastic area or find a peaceful area to retire, this is among the best, and I am here to help you make your dreams a reality!
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