Where would we be without relationships?  We come into this world with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, possibly siblings, cousins, etc…  As we grow we start our own families and relationships, possibly have our own children, foster kids or adopted kids.  Then they have these wonderful little blessings we love to call our grandkids!  These are the best kind of kids, ha, ha!  You have heard the saying I am sure, “spoil them and send em’ home!”  LOL!  I haven’t experienced the next phase yet but I am told “Great Grandkids are really awesome!”  Just ask my mother-in-law who spent almost an entire morning holding the newest in the family while the other women in the room were all wishing they could get a turn!

But then these are not the only relationships that affect our lives, we come in contact with people everyday and we have choices of whether we allow them to touch our lives or not and whether we will reach out to them or not…  it starts with parents friends and relations, then pastors, teachers, bosses, fellow employees, people we see shopping or in the parks, and the list just goes on and on!

How we relate to others can change a life for better or worse.  This is also true in the reverse order, how others relate to us can make our lives better or worse, but that always is prefaced by our own attitudes and if we will choose to let it affect us or not!  I have allowed both over the years but as I get older I find myself wanting to choose to not hurt people or allow others to hurt me… it is a personal choice!   And may the good Lord help anyone who wants to hurt my kids or grandkids!  Parents and Grandparents are very protective… just come between a momma bear and her cubs if you want to experience this in person!  Not a pretty site!

So I guess I am trying to say we all have choices to make concerning others and how deep that relationship will  become in our lives!  We can choose to be friends, co-workers, helpers, and yes family or we can choose to push people away and live a lonely meaningless life full of bitterness and strife!  As for me I choose to be friendly, helpful and invest in people!  How about you? 

Until next time I hope your week goes well, Joe

About Jconowitch

I have spent 36 + years in Stevens County enjoying the many surrounding recreational areas while camping, canoeing, hiking and backpacking. I am married to my high school sweetheart with 2 children, 5 awesome grand kids. I have been actively involved working with many organizations to help children and adults throughout the area, as well as starting the Stevens County Scale Model club with a good friend. If you want to live and raise your family in a fantastic area or find a peaceful area to retire, this is among the best, and I am here to help you make your dreams a reality!
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  1. Jessica says:

    Good post!

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